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BFF mission

BFF bulldogs is a US-based family breeder in sunny Magnolia, Texas. In a spacious, free-range suburban environment, we hand-raise, breed and train French Bulldogs exclusively to deliver the Best Frenchies Furever home placement experience.

BFF bulldogs is not about followers and fanfare...our program is specifically designed for the family. Our hand-raised puppies and parents are bred selectively and compassionately, maintaining the highest ethical standards of all our dogs' happiness and care. As a small, family-run operation, we are extremely proud of our well-equipped nursery and indoor/outdoor, dual-climate-controlled whelping and training environment. We believe wholeheartedly in genetic transparency, as well as breeder knowledge and support, and we offer a standard guarantee of good health for every dog, ensuring a stress-free and seamless transition from our home to yours.


BFF pedigree

Irresistibly charming and highly intelligent, Frenchies make excellent family dogs and wonderful companions. Weighing in under 28 lbs, these adorable, stout bulldogs in miniature boast an average height of 12 inches, and a good life expectancy of 10-12 years.

BFF bulldogs responsibly rotates litters between our in-house dams and on- and offsite studs to produce some of the most sought-after coats, markings, and traits. Our current and past litters and parents include coats and carriers of Red, Sable, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac Fawn; Black, Gold and/or Blue Brindle; Merle, Tricolor, and Cream.

All BFF bulldogs are AKC registered, and are of good disposition and robust health. Our Frenchies are selectively and ethically bred for desirable temperament, beautiful coloring, and unique genetic traits. Each of our parent dogs have been hand-raised in-house, and genetically tested by Animal Genetics Lab in Tallahassee, Florida. Routine health checks and vaccinations are kept rigorously up-to-date by the Brittmoore Animal Hospital in Houston, Texas, our long-time provider of French Bulldog-specific veterinary and reproductive care.


BFF family

Our dogs are more than our business. We're around-the-clock parents with super-human attention to detail, and we shower every litter and puppy we produce with an everyday abundance of love. Our mission is not only to bring up beautiful companions, but to do so responsibly, with individual consideration for each and every animal in our care. We want our pups to have the very best 'furever' homes, and so we offer pre-placement interviews, virtual visits, home tours, and post-placement support to ensure all our beautiful BFFs have the home they truly deserve.

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