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  • Are BFF bulldogs AKC registered?
    All of our dogs and any offsite studs we partner with are verified AKC registered. We also register all new litters as soon as they are born. Litters sired by offsite studs are dual-verified through AKC by the partner breeder.
  • Does BFF do genetic testing?
    All of our onsite parent dogs and litters are genetically tested by Animal Genetics Inc, in Tallahassee, Florida. Offsite (partner) studs are tested through a facility of their breeder's choice and verified before siring any BFF puppies. We firmly adhere to our own standard of genetic transparency, and provide testing reports right here on our website. You can view individual reports by clicking the 'available here' text link on each dog's profile page.
  • How often do you breed females (dams)?
    Our mama dogs are allowed to breed no earlier than two years of age or after their third heat, whichever comes first. They are also bred a strict maximum of three times per dog and then retired. Retirement means they are either kept as BFF family pets, or permenantly placed with other families. Our foster-to-adopt (FTA) program option ensures that females already have a 'furever' home before and after they retire, while BFF retains breeding rights for up to three litters. Although French Bulldogs are typically unable to breed themselves, we encourage having retired females spayed by a highly qualified veterinarian to prevent unintended impregnation by other dogs.
  • Are all parent dogs raised and kept onsite?
    At this time, all of our dams are raised and house onsite, as are one adult stud and other young, upcoming males. In order to produce specific, health-safe phenotypes (colors), we do occasionally partner with other breeders to stud offsite sires with our females. Offsite studs are thoroughly vetted by our in-house breeders for good genetics, health, phenotype, personality, and suitability.
  • Are your dogs kept current on vaccinations and routine health checks?
    From puppies to adults, every dog in our care is routinely monitored and regularly checked for good health by BFF and our long-time, Houston-based veterinarian, Brittmoore Animal Hospital. We keep (and can provide upon request) meticulous vaccination and shot records, as well as good health certifications and genetic reports. The health and happiness of our Frenchies is the most important aspect of what we do.
  • Do you partner with other breeders?
    We are looking forward to offering stud services in the very near future. We do occasionally sire our litters by offsite studs, services for which are provided by other breeders. Breeding standards, genetic reports, health verifications, and even dog personalities are all thoroughly vetted prior to breeding. While stud services are considered a paid partnership, BFF bulldogs is an independent business, and not legally affiliated with any other breeder or kennel.
  • How did you decide to breed Frenchies?
    These specialized mini-bulldogs are among the most personable companions on the planet. Frenchies are extraordinarily well-mannered, loveable, and easily trained...or spoiled! They make excellent family dogs, and fare just as sociably in a small pack as a one-on-one BFF. They are also highly intelligent, beautiful, and selectively bred furbabies that are just too darn cute to ignore. Half the fun of breeding Frenchies is seeing the unique little faces we get with each new litter! The other half is spreading more joy and puppy love to the world.
  • How is BFF different from other breeders?
    We breed and house Frenchies exclusively and responsibly, and model our own ethical standards of producing healthy puppies above even those of our industry. BFFs hands-on founders, caregivers, and trainers continuously further our own education and understanding of these special dogs, and we only partner with select other breeders who excel in this area. We believe in and offer transparent genetic testing reports, health records, and a good health guarantee for each dog, as well as virtual and in-home kennel visits for those looking to adopt. Our well-equipped, residential facility is kept immaculately comfortable and safe for dogs at every life stage, and we literally share our lives with them. Even our marketing is honest; we can confidently represent the best of our pups because they are truly among the best in the world.
  • Do you breed specific Frenchie phenotypes (colors)?
    We take great pride in our ethical choices and impeccable taste, and do breed selectively to achieve unique, optimum phenotypes. While we cannot always predict the luck of the litter, we give incredible consideration to the genetic health and color genes of each parent, to ensure we have done our best to produce healthy, beautiful pups. To date, our litters include the following phenotypes: Blue, Black Brindle, Blue Fawn, Fawn, Red Fawn, Chocolate Fawn, Pied, Tricolor, Blue Merle, and Lilac Merle. And we love them all!
  • Do you breed any other dogs or animals?
    French Bulldog breeding is highly specialized, and care is very intensive in their first weeks of life. Our puppies, adolescents, and household adults are a huge part of our everyday lives, and litter sizes generally vary between 4 and 9 puppies each. We focus exclusively on producing the healthiest French Bulldogs we can, and therefore do not breed or keep any other dogs or animals.
  • What do you feed your Frenchies?
    While we are transitioning all BFF Frenchies to the R.A.W. diet method, we feed them primarily the higest quality kibble with supplemental human-grade ingredients to ensure optimum digestive health. While food allergies are rare given our dietary quality control standards, we do consider the individual needs of each Frenchie, and often prepare special meals for our most sensitive furbabies to keep their tummies happy.
  • Can you recommend a Frenchie-specific diet?
    Our top recommendation for any companion animal is unprocessed, human-grade, organic raw ingredients that meet the particular needs of domestic canines. We also highly recommend a quality canned tripe supplement that is free of fillers and unnecessary additives. While bagged kibbles are much lower on the list, we strongly recommend researching every, single ingredient in any food, veterinary-recommended, organic, or otherwise. Even the 'highest quality' kibbles often contain unnecessary additives, starches, and grains, protein substitutes, or unhealthy (sulfate) chelates. If you opt for kibble, be sure you add enough chemical-free spring or reverse osmosis water to their food to prevent constipation. Some dogs occasionally have trouble staying hydrated if water is not specifically added to their food, which makes them prone to bowel sluggishness and other digestive difficulties.
  • Do you offer pre-adoption virtual puppy visits?
    Absolutely! BFF takes 'furever' home placement very seriously, and virtual visits are a great pre-screening tool between you and the breeder, and you and your new BFF. It's a convenient way for us to meet families across the country who are looking to adopt. We also offer in-person visits and full kennel tours to show off our homestyle facility. Get in touch with us at ASAP so we can pencil you in!
  • Do you offer post-adoption support for BFF puppies?
    Absolutely. We understand that transitioning to a new 'furever' home takes a lot of love, training, and patience. Not only do we offer our BFF standard health guarantee, we want you to feel free to reach out if you have any questions. The lives of our dogs are important to us even after they become your BFFs, and we are always happy to know how well they are doing!
  • What is BFF's average price range for puppies?
    Puppy agreements typically start at $5,000; desirable genetic rarities and other positive breed markers can significantly increase value and investment. Since our health standards are the highest for every puppy, adoption price is generally determined by sex, phenotype, and unique markings.
  • Can you email me when you have puppies available to adopt?
    As a courtesy, we will notify you of new and/or upcoming litter information if you are signed up to receive our emails. Please fill out and submit the form to be added to our mailing list. Your contact information will never be shared for any reason, and we currently only hand-email litter announcements to those who have requested to be added to the list.
  • How do I reserve the puppy I want?
    Contact us immediately at to determine pricing and puppy availability, as our BFFs tend to find their 'furever' homes quickly. To discuss specifics and address any questions you may have about our dogs and breeding practices, we will schedule either an in-depth phone call or a pre-screening virtual visit for you to meet our littermates. Puppy reservations are accepted with a signed agreement and nonrefundable deposit. Reservation deposits are necessary to cover administrative costs, and are typically non-negotiable.
  • Can you send me my new BFF?
    We offer specialized, accompanied delivery of our puppies to your location within the continental US, contingent on BFF staff availability. Available at a variable cost per destination and white-glove service, our options include front-door or direct airport-delivery of your new puppy in an airline-approved travel carrier. Your puppy will be accompanied by a BFF bulldogs adult travel companion at all times in the main cabin of the aircraft; we do not allow transport either in aircraft cargo holds or as an unaccompanied air-cargo shipment. Our passenger flight options are fairly flexible and typically lower than comparable nationwide services, yet we do not compromise on high-touch hand-delivery. Please inquire about our travel options by contacting for more information.
  • What comes in my puppy 'home placement' package?
    To ensure the smoothest possible transition to your BFF's new home, we provide the following puppy supplies with every home placement, at no extra charge: Earthbath® Ultra Mild Puppy Shampoo PetArmor® Ear Rinse Q-tips for Ear Cleaning Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl Bedsure Fleece Swaddle Blanket (for the ride home) Huggies® Natural Care Unscented Sensitive Baby Wipes AmazonBasics Poop Bags and Dispenser Barkworthies Hand Selected, Naturally Shed Small Whole Elk Antler Dog Chew ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz Squeaky Plush Toy Wellness® Soft Puppy Bites Natural Grain Free Puppy Training Treats, Lamb & Salmon Hill's Prescription Science Diet I/D Canned Chicken & Vegetable Stew Natural Dog Company Powerhouse Bundle, Includes 5 Healing Balms that Relieve Skin Irritations, Cracked Paws and Dry Noses, Organic, All Natural Ingredients, 0.15oz Trial Sticks
  • Do you offer a good health warranty?
    Our standard one-year health warranty is as stated in our official adoption contract. The warranty terms and conditions paraphrased on this website are for informational purposes only. We guarantee that your BFF puppy has been certified as healthy by a licensed veterinarian. You must agree to obtain, at your own expense, a licensed veterinary health examination and a health certificate within three days of taking possession the puppy, and to forward the certificate to us. The terms and conditions of our 1-year health warranty contract are not effective until BFF has acknowledged receiving the certificate. Our warranty covers fatal and life altering congenital diseases, including severe hip dysplasia as well as kidney, heart, pancreas, spine and liver problems of a severe, life threatening or altering nature. It does not cover deafness or make any guarantees of temperament. To be eligible for refund or replacement, a BFF puppy must exhibit any congenital defect within one year, of which you must notify BFF of the problem within two business days of the problem’s discovery. Additionally, you must furnish veterinary reports by two unassociated, licensed veterinarians stating the affliction. Please note that French Bulldogs, while of good overall health when adopted through a reputable breeder, may inherently be subject to a list non-life-threatening health issues that cannot be warranted. We also cannot warrant against reactions to vaccinations, or transmission of communicable illness from other animals or environments after you take possession of your new BFF. It is very important that you treat your Frenchie as you would your own child, providing impeccable routine care and health checks. We genetically test each BFF Frenchie is to ensure with as much accuracy as possible that our dogs do not carry any life-threatening genetic defects, and our representation of their health is in good faith from inception to adoption. To ensure that no owner elects to euthanize or re-home BFF Frenchies to an animal shelter, we reserve the right of first refusal, and will accept a return of any dog during its lifetime for any reason. If we agree to accept a return of your BFF, no refund or replacement will be issued, unless the return is the result of any direct misrepresentation of the dog's health on our part. Please also note that our health warranty is non-transferrable to any third-party or future owner.
  • What if I change my mind or can't adopt my reserved puppy?
    We do understand that financial or other issues can arise, but please note that contractual 'furever home placement' deposits are nonrefundable for any reason, except in cases of breeder negligence or uncertifiable health. Deposits are nonrefundable due to the highly time-sensitive nature of home placement, and are secured up front to cover the extensive administration and marketing costs associated with each puppy. Pre-placement 'returns' significantly hurt a puppy's chances of finding his or her furever home, and we strongly encourage only requesting a placement contract after serious consideration of your financial committment. We ask that you notify BFF bulldogs immediately of any change in circumstances so we can make the proper adjustments to our placement program.
  • What are my payment options?
    All prices stated or listed are the cash sale price and require cash up front unless otherwise and expressly agreed to in writing as a part of the customer Sale Agreement. We always accept direct ACH (bank-to-bank) and wire transfers, and (of course) cash with no additional processing charges. We are unable to accept Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, or other similar platform payments at this time due to daily transaction limits and payment posting delays from the bank on larger amounts. We also cannot accept personal checks, certified checks, or money orders due to high instances of fraud and/or delayed and problematic verification procedures. We may, at our own discretion based on timing, schedule, and availability, accept cashier's checks, but only if the check and associated funds can be verified with the issuing bank and the check is cashed or put into depository processing (and verified as such) prior to the buyer taking possession of the dog/puppy. Acceptance of cashier's checks requires a flat processing charge of $100 per check and approval must be granted for use of cashier's check at least three days prior to expected payment date. Credit card payments for deposits and final payments are accepted and available through our website but require a 3.8% processing charge on AND in addition to the stated and/or agreed on sales price. We also offer Affirm financing as a payment method through our website but require 6.75% processing charge on AND in addition to the stated and/or agreed on sales price when using this payment type.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Credit card payments for deposits and final payments are accepted and available through our website but require a 3.8% processing charge on and in addition to the stated and/or agreed on sales price. We also offer Affirm financing as a payment method through our website but require 6.75% processing charge on and in addition to the stated and/or agreed on sales price when using this payment type.
  • Am I allowed to breed my new Frenchie?
    Typically, yes. There are circumstances under which your BFF puppy ageement or local foster-to-adopt (FTA) program restricts you from breeding the dog, and/or allows BFF to breed him or her in the future, but these terms are openly addressed and discussed during pre-placement or local FTA program screenings.
  • Do you have a sample 'placement' agreement I can look over?
    We have posted our BFF bulldogs 'sample placement contract' here, and are happy to personally address any questions you may have. Contact us at for more information.
  • Why are Frenchies so expensive? Are they worth it?
    To answer the second question...yes! Like other purebred canines, French Bulldogs are bred through a highly selective, human-assisted process. Unable to breed traditionally or deliver puppies on their own, Frenchies must be artifically inseminated and their puppies surgically and humanely delivered at the optimum time. Routine, high-quality veterinary care and stud fees can also significantly drive up the cost of producing certain dogs, just as high demand for unique or exceptionally rare phenotypes impacts the overall rate and cost of adoption. To provide medical consistency, responsible breeders additionally pay more for regular medical care in terms of both time and expense. For larger litters, we may require extra hands, such as paid caregivers and in-home puppy trainers. Additionally, breeding is a serious business that requires back office administration and support for our customers. And while we typically 'eat' our own marketing budget, the occasional professional photoshoot or grass roots ad campaign are necessary to help spread the word about these wonderful companions.
  • Are Frenchies generally healthy dogs?
    Despite the fact that many dog breeds, especially bulldogs, are prone to specialized health issues, French Bulldogs are actually one of the healthiest bully breeds by far. Responsible breeders diligently avoid genetic markers and potential health defects by breeding selectively for outstanding health and disposition, not just color. Like humans and other companion animals, however, Frenchies do tend to manifest mild chronic health issues if not raised, fed, maintained, and exercised well. While some Frenchies can develop unforeseen problems with skin allergies, respiration, eye health, and joint laxity, these issues are not uncommon in any breed, particularly if they develop due to negligence. This is not to say that Frenchies are not also predisposed to certain specific health concerns despite excellent care, but as a general rule many if not all of these issues are manageable and/or treatable.
  • What is the average life expectancy of a Frenchie?
    French Bulldogs on average live a good 10 to 14 years, which is the same average life expectancy of many other domestic canines.
  • Are Frenchies very active dogs?
    Frenchies are far more active than some would have you believe. They are very strong, possess great muscular endurance, and can be intensely athletic if given the opportunity. Frenchies are very playful, but will only be as active as is encouraged, as they are also content to flop around and nap while we toil the hours away. At the very least, brisk, regular walks and a little tug-of-war time are highly advised to keep your Frenchie in excellent shape.
  • Are Frenchies easy to train?
    Because they are a bully breed, Frenchies can be very stubborn. However, they are also incredibly intelligent and social, and generally aim to please. We find that Frenchies are more easily trained and managed than their larger English cousins, and even relatively simple to keep well-behaved in a pack.
  • Do Frenchies make good family pets?
    Frenchies make one of the best family pets you could ask for. Their trainability and social consciousness within a household make them a great choice for children, as they respond well to youngsters' energy as well as their verbal cues and commands. While not prone to frequent barking, Frenchies are keen to alert the family when someone is at the door or has entered the homestead. This makes them both excellent companions and a perfect pint-size security system.
  • What are typical Frenchie lifestyle requirements?
    Frenchies love attention and thrive within a small pack or with plenty of one-on-one time with their humans. While not a requirement, dressing them up in adorable outfits and Frenchie gear is well are photoshoots, selfies, and having a famous Instagram feed. In all seriousness, Frenchies do thrive on lots of love, plenty of exercise, a good amount of room to strut, and a well-planned, healthy diet. Leaving them alone too long is never advisable...but who would even want to?
  • Do Frenchies need a special diet to stay healthy?
    Some Frenchies will be more sensitive than others, and may require a special diet tailored to their specific needs. Companion dogs in general thrive on the R.A.W. diet method, but even a high-quality specialty kibble with plenty of water is often enough to keep them at optimum health. Consider all ingredients of any meal or kibble very carefully, and always be on the lookout for symptoms of food allergies or sensitivities that can manifest in areas of the body other than the digestive tract.
  • Can Frenchies adapt to more extreme hot or cold climates?
    Frenchies are well adapted to a healthy indoor-outdoor lifestyle, and can be kept safely even in regions that experience moderate seasonal fluctuations. Due to their respiratory specificity, Frenchies should never be left outside or exercised unattended, as asthma attacks or heatstroke are not easy to predict and can be fatal. As long as their owners provide plenty of water and short, healthy bursts of summertime fun, these dogs are typically fine in a variety of year-round settings.
  • What are all the French Bulldog colors and markings?
    AKC-approved colors (for showing purposes) are: Fawn (Light to Red) White Cream Brindle and White Pied Other colors and patterns include: Dark Fawn Lilac Lavender Tricolor Tan Blue Blue Brindle Black Black and White Black Brindle Chocolate Sable Merle Platinum Isabella
  • Should I adopt more than one Frenchie?
    You should only adopt as many pets as you feel prepared to lavish with the same individual level of routine care and attention. Many people love their Frenchies so much, they feel they must have another, and often adopting from the same litter ensures a seamless transition to a new home for both dogs. Frenchies, like all dogs, are incredibly social and can be very happy in sets or small packs. Females in particular do very well in the same household, whereas male-female or male-male combinations may need a few guidelines or social arrangements to keep everyone content. Ultimately, the number of Frenchies you want to spoil at once is up to you!
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