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Image by Glen Carrie

BFF environment

BFF bulldogs hand-raises our Frenchie family on a spacious, quarter-acre suburban homestead in sunny Magnolia, Texas. Our dual-climate-controlled, multi-stage whelping, weaning, and training environment is specifically designed for the needs of each animal in our care, from puppies to parents. 


BFF facilities

To keep our mother-dogs healthy and calm, pregnant or in-heat females are housed together, separate from males and younger dogs. Nursing and weaning litters, new mothers, adult studs, and household pups and adolescents all have their own free-range communal areas, where we intimately manage the various feeding schedules, social activities, exercise time, and specific health needs of each dog.


BFF tours

BFF bulldogs offers scheduled virtual visits and kennel tours for those seriously considering adopting. It's important to us that these special dogs are placed with the most well-informed animal lovers, and to show off our deep commitment to raising healthy BFFs in an environment similar to their furever homes. Contact us at for more information and pre-adoption support.

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