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BFF founder

From early childhood, BFF bulldogs founder Matt has never been without a dog or two...or twenty. As a father and dog lover with two decades rearing experience and the meticulous dedication of a career accountant, Matt is one of the most knowledgable and ethical French Bulldog breeders you'll meet. Proven training, socialization, and independent development techniques are as much in his wheelhouse as spoiling every one of our Frenchies with smooches and lap time. On any given day, you'll catch him cradling newborns between emails, running doggy bootcamps in the backyard, or keeping up with our houseful of fur babies. Matt speaks fluent Frenchie, and can be reached directly by howling, or at


BFF cfo

Chief Frenchie Officer, Chloe has been on the Frenchie scene since furever. She hand-selected our first Frenchie dam, Ella, when they were both two little peas in a pod. Chloe brings her youthful energy and natural talent for dog whispering to our homegrown operation, and our BFFs love and respect her like a sister-boss. Socially conscious children like Chloe are one reason why we raise French Bulldogs, and a huge part of why we love what we do.

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